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Sure-Escape® Emergency Kit

The Sure-Escape® Emergency Kit includes the essentials for a safe and proper egress from a 2, 3, or 4 story home, apartment or office building. The kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Chain Emergency Escape Ladder with tangle-free plastic sleeves (15, 25, or 35 feet long)
  • Breath of Life™ Emergency Smoke Hood*
  • 2 Cyalume™ Chemical Light Sticks
  • Safe and Sound Signal Horn

All items are conveniently stored in a lightweight, flexible, bright red cordura nylon storage case.

*Additional Smoke Hoods can be ordered for every member of your family

Kit and Contents Ladder - Laid Out Handles & Plastic Sleeves Ladder Being Deployed
  • Res-Q-Ladder with Plastic Sleeves This chain/rung ladder is a heavy -duty steel chain emergency escape ladder, which is easy to use, ideal for children and older adults because the chain is threaded through plastic tubing, keeping the rungs separated and tangle-free. This ladder is also equipped with wall stand-offs to allow for better and safer foot placement. The handles fit over walls, railings or any balconies up to 10 inches wide. So easy a five year old can operate this ladder. Stores easily under a bed or in a closet.

  • Chain threaded through plastic tubing-Makes use simple and tangle free
  • Stand-offs (plastic pegs) to keep the ladder away from the wall
  • Steel Chain Tested to 1,000 pounds
  • Each Steel Rung tested to 320 pounds
  • Fits Wall thickness 10 inches deep (inside wall to outside wall)
  • Made in U.S.A.

Breath of Life™ Emergency Evacuation Hood

Breathe of Life Carrier
Convenient to Carry Hood Deployed Shown- packaged

Help put you and your family at ease and improve your chances of survival in case of a fire or bacteriological emergency with a Breath of Life™ emergency evacuation hood!

These hoods come with many safety-conscious features, including:

  • Lightweight design offers protection against 12 different microorganisms, including E. coli, staph and strep infectious agents
  • Universal sizing to easily fit over the head and face, including glasses or boards, along with a neck strap to provide complete protection
  • Built-in filter removes smoke, gases, vapors, fumes and bacterial contaminations
  • No breathing tube or mouthpiece allows easy, unobstructed communication

Whether stored at home or work or carried as part of your car emergency kit, these hoods are a fantastic – and potentially life-saving – solution!

Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask Specifications

Hood The hood of the Breath of Life™ mask is made from transparent 5-layered laminate and is resistant to penetration of particles, acids, alkalis, gases & microorganisms.

Filter The filter is composed of four different layers.

First and Fourth Layers Made from viscose strengthened by polyester fibers 150 gr/sq. m. Contains 0.3% Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) as an antiseptic that neutralizes bacteria that may enter through the filter. The first layer acts as a pre-filter against large particles.

Second Layer A second layer filters particles of 0.3 microns or more, tested for air permeability by the Fraizer Air Permeability Method, - 55cfm/sf at 0.5" water Gauge.

Third Layer A third layer is made of Polyester non-woven material, thickness: 1.2 mm, containing active charcoal in a concentration of 114 gr. out of a total of 200 gr. Sq/m. - 57% intended to reject air pollution and gas flow, both in dynamic or static conditions. Active charcoal is described as follows in professional literature: "activated charcoal are used as purifying and decolorizing agents, for the removal of residual gases in low pressure apparatus, and in respirators as a protection against toxic gases."

Tests were conducted on this layer conforming to Standard SAE J 726 / ISO 12103/A Coarse Grade Test Dust, with the following results: With airflow of 10 cub. ft. per minute for 15 minutes containing 16.0 gr. of dust, out of which 14.6 gr. (91.25%) were absorbed by the charcoal layer.

Note: Characteristics not mentioned as tested and proven, should not be attributed to the filter

Instructions for Use

Step by Step Instructions

STEP 1: Tear open the packaging by pulling the red tab at top of package.  STEP 2: Remove mask and rubber bands from package and place bands on your wrist. Make sure your neck area is clear of hair, clothing & jewelry.
STEP 3: Unfold mask and place over your head with the filter facing forward, so it is in front of your face. STEP: 4 Place both rubber bands over the mask and secure them around your neck to create a seal. Make sure that seal between your neck and mask is tight with no obstructions. Breath normally and stay calm.

CYALUME® – Chemical Light Sticks: Each six-inch light stick provides 30 minutes of light; they are an indispensable companion to your smoke hood and escape ladder. Non-toxic and easy to use: just bend it slightly to activate. It instantly diffuses 30 minutes of intense light, without heat or flame. It enables you, to find exits and make you quickly visible to emergency personnel. This light stick is already in use by many police and fire departments, the armed forces and many emergency response teams. (Does not require batteries or electricity).

  • 100% maintenance-free
  • foil sealed-5 year shelf life
  • Non-flammable-non-toxic-not affected by wind or weather
  • Generates 360 degrees of light- 30 minutes

• Safe & Sound Signal Horn
This compressed air signal horn is the most compact and loudest we've found. It is non-flammable, emits no CFCs. Think of these air horns as an integrated system for making yourself heard, an ideal tool for emergency vehicles, trucks, boats, and industrial plants. Incorporating a horn system into your emergency preparedness plan and kit creates the attention-grabbing sound you need.

  • 120 Decibels at 1 meter-loud enough to alert everyone in the house
  • Meets United States Coast Guard requirements
  • 100% non-flammable
  • Contains no CFC’s- will not harm ozone layer

• Cordura Nylon Storage Case
The premium Sure Escape® Emergency Kit stores easily under a bed or in a closet. The bright red case is easy to find and simple to use in the event of an emergency. The kit is available in three sizes-for 2, 3 or 4 story homes or offices. This soft-sided heavy-duty storage case is compact and easy to use. Be prepared for any fire emergency!

  • Heavy-duty cordura nylon
  • Easy to store-durable-easy to carry
  • Bright red easy to locate
    Shown Closed Shown Open Sure–Escape Contents shown without ladder


Fires can engulf a home in 60 seconds! Are you prepared with a quick and safe method of escape?

Res-Q-Ladder® , Quick-Escape® , Sure-Escape®,Breath of LIfe ,Red Rung®,Fixed-scape™, JOMYSafety Ladder and Fire Escape Systems™ are all registered trademarks of the companies featured on this secure web site.


Description Kit Contents








Res-Q-Ladder,Breath of Life Smoke Hood-Omni Glo- Chemical Light sticks,Safe & Sound,Signal Horn,Red Cordura Nylon- Storage Case

1-Ladder,1- Hood,2-Lightsticks/Case,1-Soundhorn Case,1-Case

15-feet,6” x 7” x 3/4”,8 –inch,2” x 5.5”x 2”,16” x 20” x5”

14 poundsTotal Case Weight-16 pounds




Res-Q-Ladder,Breath of Life Smoke Hood-Omni Glo- Chemical Light sticks,Safe & Sound,Signal Horn,Red Cordura Nylon- Storage Case

1-Ladder,1- Hood,2-Lightsticks/Case,1-Soundhorn Case,1-Case

25-feet,6” x 7” x3/4”,8 –inch,2” x 5.5”x 2”,16” x 20” x8”

21 poundsTotal Case Weight-24 pounds




Res-Q-Ladder,Breath of Life Smoke Hood-Omni Glo- Chemical Light sticks,Safe & Sound,Signal Horn,Red Cordura Nylon- Storage Case

1-Ladder,1- Hood,2-Lightsticks/Case,1-Soundhorn Case,1-Case

35-feet,6” x 7” x 3/4”,8 –inch,2” x 5.5”x 2”,16” x 20” x13”

28 poundsTotal Case Weight-32 pounds




Breath of Life HoodsFor Additional Family Members

Order Additional Units-No shipping with Kit order

Pocket Size Package

Additional Smoke Hoods-$49.95 each- No Shipping when ordered with Sure Escape Kit




Breath of Life Smoke HoodsFor Additional Family Members

Order Smoke Hoods without Kit

Pocket Size Package

Purchase Additional Smoke Hoods-$49.95 each-Shipping $5.00 each



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