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Interior Permanent Fire Escape Ladder !

Standard Sizes: INCLUDES Steel Chain Ladder and Steel Storage Case

15 foot ladder:
Ideal for most 2
 story homes & apartments

25 foot ladder:
Designed for 3 story

35 foot ladder: Designed for 4 story
homes & apartments

The Perfect ladder for a Bed & Breakfast!

The Red Rung Ladder is designed for use in 2, 3, & 4 story homes and apartments. It is permanently bolted to the floor directly below a window and stored in it's own steel case.  The case is fire resistant and can be wallpapered or painted to match your room décor. The steel chains and rungs have been tension tested to hold over 1,000 pounds. Standoffs are attached every 5 rungs - they keep the rungs away from the structure and allow for a better toe-hold on the ladder.

This ladder is ideal for homes, apartments or buildings that have windowsills wider than 10 inches and are unable to use a portable escape ladder.  It is a perfect solution to a Bed & Breakfast facility that has gabled roofs or wide windowsill construction.

Red Rung-Open Red Rung-Closed


Fire can engulf a home in 60 seconds!
Are you prepared with a safe and quick
method of escape?




Case Size






15 foot

15 3/4in X 12 3/4in X 7in





25 foot

15 3/4in X 12 3/4in X 7in





35 foot

15 3/4in X 12 3/4in X 7in




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