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Portable Fire Escape Ladders
Chain/Rung Ladder
The Res-Q-Ladder® is designed for use in 2, 3, 4 & 5 story homes, apartments & offices. The window sill hooks fit walls up to 10 inches thick.
Stand Offs on Every Rung
Quick-Escape® ladders provide an extra measure of safety and peace of mind for most second & third story homes and apartments. First UL Listed Emergency ladder.
Sure-Escape®Emergency Kit
Emergency Kit
The Sure-Escape® Emergency Kit includes the essentials for a safe and proper egress from a 2, 3 or 4-story home, apartment or building.

Permanent Fire Escape Ladders
Red Rung®
Interior Permanent Ladder
Red Rung® ladders are designed for use in 2, 3, & 4 story homes, apartments and buildings. It is bolted to the floor directly below a window. Stores in its own case.
Interior In -Wall Mount Ladder
Pearl Protected® ladders are mounted in the wall beneath a window. For 2 and 3 story homes - Architecturally discreet.
Fixed-Escape® Warehouse and Industrial Ladders
Caged and Non-Caged Aluminum Access Ladders
Fixed-Escape® warehouse and industrial ladders are available in eight models. With or without cage and security doors.
Exterior Retractable Permanent Ladder
Fixed-Escape® ladders are aluminum and fold up like a drainpipe. Always available and easy to use. Architecturally discreet - folds to a 3 1/4" x 3 3/4" column.
Commercial Fixed-Escape™
Exterior Retractable Permanent Ladder-Handrail
Commercial Fixed-Escape™ by JOMY are available up to 50 feet. Extra safe with a hand rail. Architecturally discreet - fold to a 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" column.
Counter–Balanced Fixed-Escape™
Exterior Permanent Sliding Ladder
Counter–Balanced ladders are extremely strong and will last a lifetime. Available with or without Cage. Custom designed for your situation.

Specialty Systems
Fixed-Escape™ Balcony
Permanent Aluminum
Commercial Fixed-Escape® Balconies by JOMY are available in two standard sizes: 24” x 44” and 38” x 44” Custom sizes are available. Perfect companion to permanent ladders.
Fixed Escape® Fall Restraint
Eliminates the need for a cage
Fixed-Escape by Jomy Fall Restraint System complies with EN-363, EN-351 and OSHA Standards. Eliminate a cage when added to retractable or Counter balanced ladder.
Sure-Escape® Stick Ladder
Folding Stick Ladder
Made from strong extruded anodized aluminum - allows heavy load bearing yet very light and weather resistant. Ideal for Home Inspection, Contractor, Home Owner, RV owners!
Extend & Climb® Telescoping Ladder
Collapsible Access Ladder 5 lengths-6 Models
Made from strong Aerospace Engineered aluminum -Closed Size is 30 inches X 19 inches Open size 12.5 feet. 250 pounds per rung loas capacity. Available in 8.5,10.5,12.5 & 15.5 feet and 7.5 Step Ladder.
Extend & Climb® Step Stool
The Extend & Climb Stable Step Stool
Commercial Grade- Wide Steps. Available in 2-Steps, 3-Steps, 4-Steps and 5-Steps. Great for Retail Store Shelf Stocking. Wheeled for easy Use. Made of Aerospace Extruded Aluminum
Breath of Life™
Emergency Smoke Hood
Single-use personal evacuation first-aid mask is simple and easy to store and use. Have peace of mind in the event of a fire or bacteriological emergency.
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