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PEARL Protected ® Interior Wall Mount Escape

The Perfect Fire Escape Solution: Permanent Interior Wall Mounted Emergency Escape Ladder

PEARL is the ultimate fire and emergency escape solution because it’s always there when you need it. PEARL installs recessed in the interior wall space beneath a window. With PEARL®, you can rest easy knowing that you have installed the best escape solution on the market!

primed wood, permanent in wall mount and durable construction

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PEARL emergency escape ladders feature:

  • Worry-Free Escape-Permanent installation provides an emergency escape route for two & three story homes.

  • Sturdy & Durable Construction- Designed for stability & strength, PEARL supports up to 1,500 lbs. total weight or 400 lbs per rung to allow use by several adults simultaneously.

  • Child Friendly Design- Lightweight yet strong; ladder can be deployed in seconds and is easy to use with anti-slip rungs and standoffs .

  • 15 year Warranty-PEARL is backed by a 15 year limited warranty.

  • Fits Inside Standard 2 x 4 Walls-Attaches securely to studs positioned 16” on-center beneath the window. Installation requires a finished space of 14” h and 16.5” w beneath the window sill. PEARL Protected recommends professional installation, however, PEARL can be installed by a handy homeowner.

  • Primed Wood Door- Blends with any Décor-PEARL can be painted or finished to blend with the existing design of any room.

  • Energy Star Compliant-Installing the provided insulation sheet behind the unit provides the same energy efficiency as an Energy Star compliant window

  • Repacks Easily-PEARL repacks easily so you can practice escape drills.

PEARL Product Specifications:

High-Tech 6061-T6 Extruded Aluminium Ladder Rungs
One grade below military aircraft grade, 6061 is used for constrution in some aircraft structures like fuselages and wings in lighter crafts and truck bodies and frames. Lightweight, yet super strong and durable. Anti-Slip Rungs Each With "Stand-Offs" Fingers and toes have ample room for movement.
14-Inch Spacing Between Rungs
Even small children can climb with ease.

16-Guage Powder Coated Steel Cabinet
Strong cabinet to hold your PEARL Ladder when not needed.

High-Heat Resistant Nylon Webbing
Military Grade 1" Nylon, self heating upon puncture or tear, with course weave construction. Very Low stretch and low water absorption, minimum melting point of 400 degrees F. Lightweight, stronger, and tangle-free alternative to chain links.

Insulation sheet Provided to Avoid Cold Spots
Replaces outside wall insulation that may have to be removed during installation.



Case Size





PP-23- 23 foot ladder length

14 in. x 16.5 in. x 3.38 in.

Primed White



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