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Fall Restraint Life Line for Permanent, Retractable
and Counter Balanced Ladders- Eliminates the need for a Cage

Fall Restraint Life Line

The Fixed Escape Fall Restraint is part of a personal protective equipment against fall from a height and is composed of a rigid anchor line ( rail) and a guided type fall arrester ( trolley). The Fixed Escape lifeline is completed by a full body fall arrest harness.

The Fixed Escape by JOMY lifeline complies with EN 353-1 and has been subjected to EC-type tests by the notified body EXAM BBG Pruf und Zertifizer GmbH, Dinnendahlstrasse 9, 44809 Bochum, Germany

The CBFE Lifeline is marked CE0158

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This lifeline system is a “guided type fall arrester including a rigid anchor line” as defined in EN-353-1. It consists of a rigid rail that is mounted on a ladder, including fixing parts and joints and is a guided fall arrester system.

The rail , Figure 1 , is an aluminum extrusion profile of alloy type EN A W 6060, anodized 10 micron. Its face is a flat surface 31 mm wide. On the surface the locking mechanism of the trolley will act. Laterally, the rail has two protrusions that act as tread
Over which the trolley wheels run. The bottom side of the rail is designed semi-hollow so as to have an easy means of fixing.

figure 1


FOR PRICING Call Fire Escape Systems 1-888-347-3727

The rail is clamped onto a rung by means of two bolts and one flat aluminum clamping piece as shown in Figure 2.

The rails are supplied in pieces of up to 7 meter length. In order to ensure a smooth transition between two adjacent pieces of rail, they are joined as shown in Figure 3.

figure2 and 3

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