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STANDARD STOCK LADDER FIXED AND SLIDING SECTIONS- to provide Ladders 7,8,9 & 10 FOOT clear off the ground when retracted.

  • Standard distance between rungs is 11".
  • Rung width can be specified for each individual project. Standard width is 24". Custom rung width of 16" is available.
  • Rung strength is tested at 650 lbs. per rung. The rated capacity of the ladder is one 250 lb. person every six feet for the entire height of the ladder.
  • The ladder corresponds to standard EN 131 and ISO 14122-4
  • Can be ordered with or without a cage. (Cage required Over 20 feet)
  • When installed parallel to a wall requiring pass-through at the top, extension profiles will provide a minimum pass-through clearance of 42 inches
  • Fall restraint system to be used in conjunction with the ladder is available – See Products-Specialty Systems
  • Minimum 3' overlap of ladder sections in the down position required.
  • Stock fixed and sliding ladders are code compliant.
  • All aluminum construction is designed to last the lifetime of the building without any maintenance.



  • All ladders are custom built to site specific and code specific conditions
  • The ladder can be polyester powder coated in any RAL color ( optional )
  • The ladder corresponds to standard EN 131 and ISO 14122-4
  • Fall restraint system to be used in conjunction with the ladder is available

Installations include: International Paper, Waste Management-WA, ConAgra Warehouses, Pfizer Plant-MI, Cleveland Cliffs- MI, Southern California Edison, Cleveland Art Museum, Kellogg Plant-MI, Kroger Warehouse-IN, Sikorski Aircraft-CT and Schools, Federal, State and Local public buildings around the country.
CB fixed escape pictures


There is a latch at the bottom of the Counter Balanced Fixed-Escape Ladder. This latch can be opened from either top or bottom of the ladder. When opened from the top of the ladder, a rod is attached to the latch so the ladder can not be opened from the bottom. You may also make the ladder opened from only the bottom or both top and bottom. Once you release the latch, the lower section drops to the ground. The lower section is controlled by the cables and lead weights, so it drops gradually. The tension can be adjusted so the lower section speed can be controlled.



1. Materials: Only materials not subject to corrosion can be used. The ladder is made of aluminum alloy profiles, anodized 10 micron, natural mat finishing: fasteners ( bolts, rivets and washers) of stainless steel a2-70 DaN/mm2; joint washers, bushes, plugs, etc in polyamide and elastomer.

No protective treatments, painting or maintenance is required, except when exposed to aggressive environments.

No welding is allowed. Rungs are clinched into uprights. Bolts and rivets are used for all other assembly.

The ladder can be polyester powder coated in any RAL color ( optional).

2. Installation: The ladder is installed vertically.

A single type of fixing clamps is used for the attachments of wall fasteners and safety cage hoops t the ladder uprights. These fixing clamps can be clipped to the ladder uprights at any desired position.

In order to take into account the different thermal expansion of the wall structure and the ladder, the ladder can expand freely within its anchor brackets without deformation or damage.

For lateral access to the ladder, the upper rung will be approximately 5 feet or 1.5 meters above the upper point of access. For access from the top, widened upright projections allowing a passageway of at least 2’4” or 62 cm can be used. In the latter case the upper rung is at level within the access floor.

3. Dimensions: The ladder corresponds to standards EN 131 and ISO 14122-4.

The ladder is composed of standardized elements of 11 foot or 3.36 m maximal length, which are assembles to the desired length. These elements are connected by perforated aluminum sleeves that are shifted inside the uprights. Bolts are used for fastening.

The uprights are spaced at 1’4” or 400 mm OR 2’ or 600 mm, the rung axes at 11” or 280 mm.

The ladder uprights have an oblong section { 2-15/16” x 1” x 5/64” or 75 x 25 x 2 mm } With rounded corners. The rungs are round ( 0 1-1/2” or 37 mm) with a flattened and grooved anti-slip upper face.

4. Options: The manufacturer can equip the ladder with a safety cage, consisting of hoops and vertical bars. The hoops are bent hollow square profiles of 1” x 1” x 1/16 or 25 x 25 x 1.5 mm and the vertical bars are hollow round profiles of 0 11/16” x 3/32” or 18 x 2.5 mm The safety cage is available with complete hoops, ¾ hoops or ½ hoops. The free

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