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Breath of Life™ Emergency Evacuation Hood

Breathe of Life Carrier

Help put you and your family at ease and improve your chances of survival in case of a fire or bacteriological emergency with a Breath of Life™ emergency evacuation hood!

These hoods come with many safety-conscious features, including:

  • Lightweight design offers protection against 12 different microorganisms, including E. coli, staph and strep infectious agents
  • Universal sizing to easily fit over the head and face, including glasses or boards, along with a neck strap to provide complete protection
  • Built-in filter removes smoke, gases, vapors, fumes and bacterial contaminations
  • No breathing tube or mouthpiece allows easy, unobstructed communication 

Whether stored at home or work or carried as part of your car emergency kit, these hoods are a fantastic – and potentially life-saving – solution!

Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask Specifications

Hood  The hood of the Breath of Life™ mask is made from transparent 5-layered laminate and is resistant to penetration of particles, acids, alkalis, gases & microorganisms.

Filter The filter is composed of four different layers.

First and Fourth Layers Made from viscose strengthened by polyester fibers 150 gr/sq. m. Contains 0.3% Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) as an antiseptic that neutralizes bacteria that may enter through the filter. The first layer acts as a pre-filter against large particles.

Second Layer A second layer filters particles of 0.3 microns or more, tested for air permeability by the Fraizer Air Permeability Method, - 55cfm/sf at 0.5" water Gauge.

Third Layer A third layer is made of Polyester non-woven material, thickness: 1.2 mm, containing active charcoal in a concentration of 114 gr. out of a total of 200 gr. Sq/m. - 57% intended to reject air pollution and gas flow, both in dynamic or static conditions. Active charcoal is described as follows in professional literature: "activated charcoal are used as purifying and decolorizing agents, for the removal of residual gases in low pressure apparatus, and in respirators as a protection against toxic gases."

Tests were conducted on this layer conforming to Standard SAE J 726 / ISO 12103/A Coarse Grade Test Dust, with the following results: With airflow of 10 cub. ft. per minute for 15 minutes containing 16.0 gr. of dust, out of which 14.6 gr. (91.25%) were absorbed by the charcoal layer.

Note: Characteristics not mentioned as tested and proven, should not be attributed to the filter

Instructions for Use

Step by Step Instructions

STEP 1: Tear open the packaging by pulling the red tab at top of package.  STEP 2:  Remove mask and rubber bands from package and place bands on your wrist. Make sure your neck area is clear of hair, clothing & jewelry.
STEP 3: Unfold mask and place over your head with the filter facing forward, so it is in front of your face. STEP: 4 Place both rubber bands over the mask and secure them around your neck to create a seal. Make sure that seal between your neck and mask is tight with no obstructions. Breath normally and stay calm.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask is easy to use. If an emergency occurs:
Where to use and where to store: The Breath of Life Smoke Hood is compact, a lightweight format that makes it easy to store where it will be most easily accessible in the event of an emergency.
Here are some suggestions:
At Home: Sure-Escape Emergency Kit or Night table
At Work: Desk, Handbag, Briefcase, etc.
Traveling: In carry on bag, pocket or briefcase.

Breath of Life™ Evacuation Hood Home & Office Smoke Hoods The Breath of Life™ evacuation hood increases your chances of surviving a fire, a natural disaster or a bacteriological emergency. It provides 20 minutes of breathable air allowing you precious time to evacuate. Read More About this Product Model Description Kit Contents Quantity Size Weight Price Shipping Action BOL-1 Breath of Life™ Smoke Hoods.

For Additional Family Members Order Additional Units-No shipping with Kit order Pocket Size Package Additional Smoke Hoods-$49.95 each- No Shipping when ordered with Sure Escape Kit $49.95 $0.05 BOL-2 Breath of Life™ Smoke Hoods. For Additional Family Members Order Smoke Hoods @-$49.95 each-plus $5.00 Shipping

Call Fire Escape Systems for quantity price quotes: 1-888-347-3727

What is the Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask?
The Breath of Life™ Mask is a pocket sized, ounce and a half, escape device that can save your life in dangerous situations such as fires, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. It is a practical, accessible and affordable solution that protects your eyes, nose, mouth and ears while allowing you to breath filtered air. It buys you critical time to escape situations of smoke, dust, debris and some of the biological and chemical dangers out there.

Why do I need the Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask?
This is just like asking yourself: “why do I need health insurance?” or “why do I need a spare tire in my car?” We all hope for the best but the reality is that emergencies do happen. Being proactive and being prepared is the name of the game. Carrying this ultra-thin, lightweight, life saver can mean the difference between life and death. It is so compact, so discreet and so affordable. The Breath of Life mask greatly increases your chances of survival in dangerous situations.

What does it protect me against?
The Breath of Life™ mask protects you against smoke, dust, debris (for example-like the 9/11 dust), and some of the biological and chemical threats out there. It can save your life in fires, natural disasters and terrorist attacks by providing you with critical minutes of clean filtered air needed to escape. In technical terms, it filters particles larger than 0.3 microns at a very efficient rate.

How long can I wear it?
Our simple recommendation is that you should wear your Breath of Life™ Mask until you reach a safe environment. This mask was tested in laboratory conditions checking general filtration for 15-20 minutes and against specific microorganisms to 10 minutes. It was designed as an escape device and ideally you will be running away from the source of contaminant when escaping. However, the quantity and concentration of contaminants in the atmosphere will be the final determining factor.

How do I use it? Do I need prior training?
The donning of the Breath of Life™ Mask was designed to be simple and “fool proof”. The hood is transparent, enabling great visibility when worn, but also letting you find/feel what side the filter is located on. Donning the mask is self explanatory once you take it out of the package, but we recommend reading the instructions as soon as you purchase it to familiarize yourself with the product. See “ Instructions for Use”

Can I Use it with glasses and beards?
Yes, the Breath of Life™ Mask has a “one size fits all” design. It fits people with glasses, long hair and beards. Its clear hood allows clear visibility and communications, enabling you to use your surroundings and use your cell phone or yell for help if needed.

Will it filter CO?
The straight forward answer to this question is no. However, not all escape masks must be capable of filtering carbon monoxide. A filter for carbon monoxide is very thick and heavy- as it requires a special chemical ingredient to absorb it. If we attach such a filter to a Breath of Life™ Mask, it would make the mask much bulkier and a lot more expensive. Our decision not to include the filter for carbon monoxide is based on the fact that the breath of Life mask is intended for ESCAPING from contaminated areas within the shortest possible time, where exposure to gases would be for a relatively short time. We came up with a mask that provides enough protection for getting you out of danger but is also portable enough that you will actually have it accessible when you need it. The NIOSH standard, “Statement of Standard for Chemical, Biological, Radiological ( CBRN) Air Purifying Escape Respirator”, September 30, 2003, provides the requirements for different types of escape masks: Section 4.2.1 gives the requirement for a version that does not claim to filter carbon Monoxide. Section provides requirements for masks providing protection against Carbon monoxide. See also section 3.5 “Flammability and Heat resistance (applicable only to Respirators approved for carbon monoxide protection)”

Note: Breath of Life™ Mask does not claim to conform to all the requirements in the above NIOSH standard- we use some test references from standard and reference to the standard is to point out there are different requirements for different masks. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that acts slowly. It is characterized by the fact that if a victim survives ( described in publications) there are no permanent side effects resulting from this gas, compared with exposure to many side effects/damage.

Can I travel with it?
Yes, you can travel with the Breath of Life™ Mask all over the world. Up to date, we have never encountered any problem at any airport security check. When you get to your seat on the plane it is advisable to take your mask out and place it in the seat pocket. This will allow a rapid access to it in case of smoke in the cabin.

Where should I carry it?
You should plan and adapt the accessibility to the mask according to the level of risk. A quick review about where you live and work and how you commute will help you understand your different levels of risk. For example, if you live in a high rise building you should have a mask near the door so you can grab it on your way out in the case of an emergency. If you ride the subway to work you want to have one in an easily accessible pocket in your briefcase or in a jacket pocket. Bottom line, you should consider your environment and have a contingency plan.

Is it fireproof?
The Breath of Life™ Mask and its components are not fireproof. This escape device should be used at a maximum temperature of 100 degrees C ( 212 degrees F ). However, remember that this mask is intended for civilians, which in most cases will not have professional fireproof clothing on them at the time of any evacuation. Also, consider that your bare skin will burn at around 55 degrees C or 130 degrees F, so basically as long as your body can withstand the heat you can wear the mask. 

What is the shelf life?
The Breath of Life™ Mask comes in a vacuum-packed aluminum package for convenience. It has a shelf life of 5 years and should be stored in places protected from extreme heat or direct sunlight.

Is it reusable?
No. The Breath of Life™ Mask is a disposable, one time use device. However, it is the manufacturer’s policy that if you used your mask while escaping from a real life dangerous situation and contact us and share your experience, they will replace it free.


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Breath of Life® Smoke Hoods
For Additional Family Members

Order Additional Units-No shipping with Kit order

Pocket Size Package

Additional Smoke Hoods-$49.95 each- No Shipping when ordered with Sure Escape Kit




Breath of Life® Smoke Hoods
For Additional Family Members

Purchase Additional Smoke Hoods-$49.95 each-Shipping $6.50 each

Pocket Size Package

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